Sharing Websites and Solutions

A list of platforms upon which you can run your community sharing scheme. If you have used them and wish to leave a review please let us know. We do not currently offer any opinion as to the suitability or quality of these platforms.

  • Lend Engine – A lending solution with solutions that range from free to paid for. This organisation has a clear social responsibility.
  • MyTurn -Another lending solution with paid option, keen to support the sharing economy generally.
  • Library of Things – Looks like you need £30,000 to set up and while we’re keen to encourage the sharing economy we’re not clear if this is a social enterprise.

Hosting & Software Resources

A rough list of the resources we’ve used to create this web site…

  • IT Norwich Ltd – Provide the heavy lifting on this web site.
  • Unlimited Web Hosting – The UK based host where this web site is hosted. Not free, but the support is unfailingly good and quick.
  • Linux Mint – The free and open source operating system we’ve used on the computers used to create this web site.
  • WordPress – The free and open source content management system used to create this web site.
  • Firefox ESR – We use the Extended Support Release which makes this browser extremely reliable, plus it’s privacy friendly.
  • DuckDuckGo – If you could take back control of your online privacy, why would you use anything else?
  • Privacy Badger – An extra layer of privacy protection to stop those advertisers tracking us around the web.
  • Matomo – A completely self hosted web site analytics tool that stops your data escaping to large corporates.
  • G I M P – The free and open source image editor. It’s like PhotoShop, without the lock-in.
  • ICONIAN – Thank you Dan for letting us use the TOOL FONT! We love your fonts.
  • Veggies – This is where we last bought our Zapatista Coffee –  wakes us up y’know!
  • Active Distribution – One of the other places we buy our Zapatista Coffee.


… and another rough list of the podcasts we’ve listed to while creating it.

We heard about a tool lending library from the Upstream Podcast, offering radical ideas and inspiring stories for a just transition to a more beautiful and equitable world.





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